If you were to pick something to do to your web site, that would be helpful, then Keyword Optimization should be on your list. Looking at the keywords or keyword phrases on each page can help you to Optimize your site and get better search results. A good rule of thumb to follow is to optimize each page on your site with no more than two keywords or keyword phrases. If you find that your page information could use more than a primary and a secondary keyword phrase then take the time to evaluate the page. Are you trying to say too much for the this page? Is your message getting muddled in too many thoughts?

Keyword phrases can range from two to five words and for your primary phrase you should think in terms of what you could say about the page in a minute or less. (Sometimes known as your elevator speech) It should be a sample of the most frequently searched terms for a given page. Your secondary phrase is still used in search although not as often as your primary phrase.

Doing this one thing on each of your pages should help you get higher page rankings and give you a good opportunity to really look at your content for updates that may be needed. (Sadly we don’t do this enough) Something to keep in mind though is remembering that you should speak to your customers FIRST and search engines second. If you forget about your target audience it won’t be helpful and it won’t matter who finds you.