Yes. Everyone agrees that your online marketing agency needs to deliver results. That’s on them. Here’s how to help ensure that happens.

We’re going to bounce these off of you one step at a time. That way you’re inclined to revisit our site. (Sneaky, right?) Then, we’ll probably repurpose all of the steps into a new comprehensive post and push that out to the world. (Smart marketing move.)

Step 1: Don’t Outsource Your Marketing. Said another way, stay involved.

Marketing means different things to different companies. On one side of the spectrum it’s ‘our marketing department exists to get our sales guys the materials they need to do their job’. That’s a sales-centric attitude and quite prevalent.

The other end of the spectrum sounds like this, ‘the role of marketing in our organization is no less than defining our go-to market strategy, including what we offer, how we’ll price it, and how we’ll promote it. All other internal functions are here to deliver on this marketing plan’. BTW, that’s the B-School version of marketing, though a few orgs out there actually do subscribe.

No matter how you define marketing, please don’t think it’s appropriate to entirely outsource online marketing. You need to be plugged in. We need you.

If you’re contracting with an online marketing agency because you need to ‘be doing something’ – or – if you believe that since you’re paying someone to provide marketing services, there’s no need to be a part of the process, then you’ll fail.

It will take a few months, but you’ll fail. Or we’ll fail. However you want to look at it.

As a client, long-term success will only be achieved if you are brainstorming with us, reviewing the numbers with us, approving things in a timely manner, returning calls, and championing our recommendations within your organization.

Again … we need you! So go ahead and outsource online marketing to a degree, but be prepared to be an integral part of the mix.