Do yourself a solid and give your online marketing efforts an actual budget.

Easier said than done sometimes. But let’s be real. You’re going to need some budget.

It doesn’t matter to us exactly what size that budget is, as long as your online marketing agency is put in a spot where they can help.

We can’t help much if your pay-per-click budget is $50/mo. We can’t help much if you want us to only spend 1-2 hrs each month working on your campaigns.

Creativity can go a long way – and we’re 100% in favor of stretching budgets – yet it’s easy to understand that if you’re massively outspent, then we’re probably going to lose that war.

So take that marketing budget of yours and give the ol’ online marketing line a good-sized slice of it.

Ask yourself, where will you personally turn the next time you need to buy something for your home? Or for your business? The web …. of course.