The numbers show that Facebook is second only to Google when it comes to traffic rankings – social media sites are where people congregate online. Claim your name across multiple social networks to keep fans and followers updated on your latest industry news, special offers, internal developments, new products and accomplishments.

Not only as a communications tool, these social media sites work to keep your name high in search results. Stone will help your company or organization strategize to find the best combination of social media to achieve your projected goals. Since social media is an umbrella term, we’ll break it down even further:

Social News

Prime sources of news and information, these sites allow users to vote on articles most relevant or interesting. Most popular news is featured on the homepage and seen by the highest number of people. Digg and Reddit cover vast and specific topics – these sites are vehicles through which your articles can generate traffic to your site. Stone will optimize and distribute your content with close attention to your marketing needs.

Social Networking

The most personable form of social media marketing, social networking sites allow you to connect with individuals and company representatives. Similar to an e-mail newsletter, you can send messages to your contacts to update them on your company’s happenings. Gathering fans or followers is valuable to building contacts and gaining brand awareness.

Use social media as a way to regularly connect with people and share ideas and links online to build and maintain a personable, transparent image for your company or organization.

Social Bookmarking

Most applicable to regular, updated content such as blog posts or press releases, social bookmarking sites are easy ways to save, share and categorize your favorite sites online. When one user shares or votes your article, press release or blog post, it gets viewed and picked up by search engines and other users interested in your industry or topic, driving more traffic to your site while gaining more visibility and reach.