The modern medium of online journalism, reporting with multimedia means hitting the web with interactive means of communication – video, images, audio and text. Most sites have built-in blogs – another page on your site developed and designed to match your needs. Stone can provide customization and maintenance of your company or organization’s blog according to your objectives.

Search Engine Optimization

Stone will strategize with your company or organization to develop keyword-enriched posts and topics. Since each post has its set of search engine-optimized meta-information, including keywords, titles, tags and descriptions, search engines, blog directories, social bookmarking sites, linking sites and other blogs will often recognize new, ongoing content. Frequently updated blogs will help push your website into higher search engine results.

Another advantage to blogging is the RSS feed option. Readers can subscribe to this feed and receive direct, quick and spam-free blog updates every time you create a new post, without having to search the web. As your content distributor, Stone will syndicate your feeds online to allow users to subscribe.

Feedback Maintenance

A blog creates an open forum for commentary from anyone online, both positive and negative. Stone can help manage and protect your online reputation by monitoring the comments your blog receives, commenting on other related blogs, and also keeping spam commentary from running amok on your posts.

Stone monitors and tracks a variety of blog traffic and its impact on your website and goals to guide topic and content decisions. Direct feedback can also influence your company or organization’s marketing campaign.