It’s rumored that Penguin 2.0 is right around the corner.

Penguin, as you might have learned, was a Google algorithm update from early 2012. It worked to decrease search engine rankings of sites that were not following the spirit of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

One of the ways in which it did this was to devalue the SEO-affect of lower quality inbound links.

Relevant links and links from higher quality sites now have a higher influence on your rankings. Less-relevant links and links from low quality sites add up to a whole lot less. Non-relevant links can actually work against your rankings. This is all old news.

What’s the new news? Word is that another Penguin update is close. A more sophisticated application of the philosophy will be put in place.

It also means …. “Get in front of this!” If you’re relying upon poor linking strategies for rankings (random external blog posting included) it’s the right time to speak with Stone.

Let’s build your visibility the correct way. The sustainable way.