Perhaps the most exciting aspect of online marketing is the visibility clients can obtain into usage, results and visitor habits. Reporting is an integral part of any online marketing campaign.

Unfortunately, many firms focus on only one or two metrics in their reports, which give an incomplete picture of the effort as a whole and lead to uninformed strategy. This is not the case at Stone, we use a wide variety of tools and reports to ensure that we are getting the ‘big picture’. We can define our measures of success, setup multiple campaigns, and have hard quantitative data on which to respond.

Some of the reports and tools we use that you might find useful:

Google Analytics – One of the most powerful analytics tools out there, and it’s 100% free to use. G.A. provides a wide range of data about your site and its visitors. It’s also highly flexible, allowing you to track only certain segments of visitors (those from the USA only for example) and specific goals and conversions.

Stone’s Monthly Report – Using Google Analytics and a host other tools Stone provides a monthly report to all clients. Details of the report include a summary of the efforts and activities conducted during the month and their results, as well as detailed information on visitor behavior on the site and sources of that traffic.

Detailed Conversion and Goal Tracking Analysis – Attracting a ton of visitors to your site is great, but does you no good at all if they aren’t doing anything once they get there. Whether you’d like your visitors to fill out a contact form, download a brochure, or buy a product it’s important to implement conversion/goal tracking on your site. Keeping track of and analyzing this type of data allows us to better determine the success of various campaigns and strategies – ensuring our clients a healthy ROI.

Keyword Position Reports – We use a variety of tools to give you customized reports on where your keywords are ranking on the search engines. It’s been estimated that the top 5 positions in a search results gets a full 75% of the clicks. Knowing exactly where your site stands for various keyword searches gives a lot of insight into why you may not be getting the all the traffic you deserve.

Link Building Reports – The number of quality, external links pointing to a site is perhaps the most important factor for good ranking (not to mention a great source of traffic). At the beginning of an engagement Stone compiles a list of all the current links pointing to a site, and keeps detailed information on links as a part of an online marketing campaign. These can include links from regular websites, directories, social media sites, blogs and forums.

Stone offers customized reporting, our clients can take advantage of all the reporting methods we offer – or pick reports ‘a la carte’ to create a reporting package that best serves their needs.