The ultimate goal for most websites should be to have content that draws in potential customers and to get these potential customers to contact you for more information or some other call-to-action.

But how do you get potential customers to first come to your site and second to contact you?

There are some basics that will help. A quality website design, clear navigation and functionality, outstanding content and images, etc… But these are only the basics of a good website. Even with the basics in place, many sites miss the ultimate goal of having the user fill out a form, order a product or contact the company in another way. This goal is called the “Call-to-Action”. To be successful online, usually you don’t want to just use a call-to-action once on your site, but rather use them throughout your site.

Here are a few quick ideas on adding calls-to-action that you can easily add to your website:

1. Add your contact information on every page of the website.

Some websites bury their “Contact Us” link. First, add a contact us link to your main and footer navigation. Second, add your phone number and address somewhere visible and consistent on every page. An example would be to add it to the footer or header of the website on every page.

2. Direct your potential customer to where you think they should go next.

Don’t assume that the users on your site know what information they need next. At the bottom of the content area, add text and a link that would take them to the next step in the process. Don’t make them think. Make it obvious where they should go. You might add a link like this “Now that you have a better idea of the clients that we have worked with, learn more about what you can expect from our services.”

3. Add a “mini” contact form to every page of your website.

You wouldn’t believe how many people actually fill out a mini form. This should be something that is small and doesn’t require a lot of thought or time from the user. The form might include the following fields: name, email and phone.

4. Capture visitor’s names and email addresses in other ways.

There are a couple other ways to get a potential customer to offer up their name and email address. Offer articles or white papers on your site. For a user to be able to download these articles or white papers, they have to first fill out a simple form. Also offer an eNewsletter with new articles that may be published on your site at a later time. eNewsletters are a great way to get potential customers more information about your services and provide current customers with new services and information.

Give a few of these a shot on your site and you’ll be surprised at how conversions pick up…