Build and maintain your online presence by creating a credible, consistent voice and presence for your organization.

Creating and distributing fresh content is key to garnering new leads while gaining exposure and drawing a large online audience. You might have already written copy for your site when it launched initially, but you still need to find a way to keep people coming back. Releasing regular and updated press releases, e-newsletters or blog articles on your industry to the right media outlets online can create links and interest in your site, driving your search engine rankings up while increasing online authority.

Press Releases & Articles

Is your company updating its branding, launching a new product or offering new promotions? Make sure you get the word out online. Stone provides consistent keyword-optimized articles and press releases – all of which give users a reason to revisit your website. We’ll distribute your articles online to high-ranking online publishers for syndication. Prove your company or organization as a thought leader in the industry to gain consumer trust and put your name in search engine results.


Direct to your client’s inbox, timely e-newsletters provide an update on your company or valuable information on industry advancements. Stone will help you strategize, compose, design and build multi-email software compatible e-newsletters that bring your marketing efforts to another level – and we’ll even track numbers on email recipient open rates, forwards, clickthroughs and conversions as a result. Measuring reader’s interest in specific topics, products and services will accurately guide your marketing and business decisions for maximum efficiency and impact.

Blog Articles

Another form of distribution and vital part of driving traffic, blogs can be updated on a regular basis and are indexed by numerous blog directories – translating to more users filtered into your site. Stone will optimize your blog posts with specific keywords, titles and descriptions tracked by Google and other major search engines. Giving users a forum to leave messages allows your company or organization the ability to collect valuable consumer feedback, or to just start a conversation about your products, services or industry.

So don’t wait.

Your personal brand affects how consumers perceive your company – so don’t jeopardize it by being absent online. Stone’s analysis and strategic follow-through in managing your PR efforts are designed to land your name in key search results and build an online reputation as an expert in your field.