So I’m sitting at home.  Over the weekend.  And a home-improvement project is staring me in the face.  I need to replace some of those vent thingys where the walls meet the floors.  Registers, I think they call them.

Only, they’re not registers.  I need returns.  I learned that because I Googled (sorry, Bing) “metal floor registers” and the resulting images didn’t exactly fit the bill.  But I saw some search results that included both ‘registers’ and ‘returns’ in the page titles, and it clicked.

What’s the point here.

I’m pretty normal.  People like me live all over the world.  When we need something a bit out of the ordinary, we hop online and we search.  We look for pictures, for details, for pricing, for instructions.  We look … and often times we buy.

And the world that exists out there is not really the world that exists out there.  The world that exists out there is the first 2-3 pages of Google search results.

Never before in the history of business has one company / service provided so much sway and value and importance.  Google gets 65% of the searches out there and we all pay homage.

If I’m a business, I need to be there.  In many cases, that’s not all that difficult.  In other cases, that’s not all that probable.

Get creative … get religion … get help.

Page 4 might as well be page 4,000.