Mention online advertising and most people think ‘banner ad’. While these types of ads are definitely popular, there is a whole online world filled with promotional opportunities, cross-marketing opportunities, and direct marketing opportunities to consider for your next campaign effort. Advertising online doesn’t need to stop with a rectangular ad.

Some things to consider:

Placement – There are many more options with much higher levels of control and reach than ever before. An ad on may get a ton of impressions, but if your goal is to get people to visit your site (not just brand visibility) maybe you’d be better off putting that ad on a more niche site. Similarly, if you are in an industry where target customers have negative feelings about being ‘pitched to’ a traditional banner ad may not be the way to go – perhaps you’d be better off going after a sponsored mention in a popular blog. We’ll help you determine the pros and cons of these opportunities to come up with an online media strategy that works for you.

Pricing Model – CPC, CPL or CPM? Sound like gibberish? Online publishers love acronyms, Stone can help you sort through the different pricing structures and determine which option is right for your specific goals and needs.

Design – As a full service agency, Stone can design your online ads as well. By having the design team and strategy team in the same office you can be sure the ad designs will integrate seamlessly with the strategy in place.