CyberGear, a Michigan corporation specializing in industrial applications, recently claimed their spot on the web with the launch of the companies first ever website. Stone Interactive Group was instrumental in developing a strategy and web design that would introduce CyberGear to potential customers online.

Prior to approaching Stone, CyberGear did not have a website. The staff at CyberGear recognized the potential that a website could allow for including marketing, sales leads, and as a tool to educate potential and current clients on the company service and product offerings.
The new CyberGear website includes a flash header, showcases products through the use of images, and organizes content to be easily searchable for the end user. Stone also implemented a backend tracking system on each of the downloadable PDF’s that allows CyberGear staff to analyze customer search patterns.

CyberGear’s new website, which launched July 1st, 2008, was built on Stone Interactive Group’s custom Content Management System Platform.

About CyberGear:
CyberGear is a Michigan based corporation that has experience, knowledge, and products for results in Industrial Applications. Specializing in Alternative Energy, Direct Part Marking, Laser Welding, Life Sciences, RFID, Automotive, Food and Beverage, and Utilities, CyberGear’s goal is to help customers produce more products with the highest quality and the lowest cost.

About Stone Interactive Group:
Stone Interactive Group is a leading web marketing agency based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Providing clients with a full suite of strategic web services, including Web Strategy, Website Design, Online Marketing, and Interactive Presentations, Stone Interactive Group offers businesses the creativity and resources needed to build a successful presence online.

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