In case you haven’t heard this week a new search engine named Cuil (pronounced “cool”) launched to much fanfare. In fact the amount of free publicity that they received as a suspected “Google killer” was unbelievable. In the first day it seemed like everyone was talking about them, but as the dust settled and people began trying the engine out the results weren’t so good.

Cuil’s search results are just nowhere near those of Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask. In fact, I bet some of the old school meta search engines may have better results. To top it off, Cuil has a bad habit of associating a random picture with a search result. In fact just today, Mark, one of our managing partners searched our brand name “Stone Interactive Group” on Cuil and noticed a seemingly random “Hell Cab” image listed next to our company’s search result.

In case you were wondering, no we don’t moonlight under the moniker Hell Cab nor have we done any work for a company named Hell Cab. Cuil just thought it would be…cool?…to put it next to us.

So for now Cuil has a looong way to go, but it is kind of fun to search with and see what kind of bizarre stuff you can come up with.

Find anything weird on Cuil? Share it in the comments…