Just the facts….

The Google Chrome browser has a 77% browser market share as of August 2017 per w3schools.com.

Google has formally announced that – starting in October 2017 –  they will start showing a ‘Not Secure’ warning on Goole Chrome browsers whenever a text input is entered into a non-SSL protected website.

Simply put, if your website does not currently have an SSL applied to it (your current browser address is http:// rather than https://) then your site visitors will see a ‘this site is not secure’ warning any time they start filling out a form on your website.

And while contact form information isn’t as sensitive as online purchase payment information, this warning message will be a deterrent to your site visitors.  They may not understand why they are seeing the warning message and many will hesitate to continue.

Since 2014, having a secured site is thought to have some minor benefit from an SEO perspective.  It is now widely believed that not having a secured site will be treated by Google as a negative ranking factor rather than a neutral factor.

The only solution to these issues is to obtain and apply an SSL to your website.

Please do consider doing so, for the sake of your future online lead generation.

If you need any assistance in obtaining an SSL, applying an SSL, or if you just want to discuss the matter a bit then feel free to reach out.  We’d be happy to assist any way possible.