The newly redesigned website of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) launches today. The website,, supports the AMI’s mission by providing rich resources and stunning visuals – built to better serve its members and provide valuable content for health care professionals, medical art buyers, scientists and students. Visitors will gain an appreciation for the creative skills and scientific knowledge that medical illustrators possess that enable them to communicate, illuminate and educate through visual means. To further showcase the important role that medical illustrators play both as independent authors and team collaborators with other medical, scientific and health professionals, the new website features expanded content and visual media, including over 150 detailed biomedical illustrations and videos created by today’s award winning AMI members, as well as striking historical images created by the AMI’s early pioneers.

“Our online visitors will now experience a more vibrant, seamless and comprehensive view of the AMI, highlighting the unique skill sets and broad knowledgebase of our multi-talented membership,” says Mark Lefkowitz, AMI President.

Enhanced Content and More Accessibility

In addition to the stunning image galleries, the new website offers expanded content and features ranging from historical accounts of the AMI to practical resources that reflect the technological advancements that impact the profession of medical illustration. The site is well organized to provide quick and direct access to all these assets. The newly developed site-wide Google-based search engine will help visitors locate information quickly.

Among the new features offered on, “Expert Techniques” provides a glimpse into the creative techniques that medical illustrators frequently use. AMI members in this section provide step-by-step descriptions and images to assist their colleagues in creating the highest quality medical visuals. The presentation of effective methodologies, technical pointers and collaborative approaches offered will make this section highly sought after by many members.

A redesigned “Find A Medical Illustrator” search tool located on every page header as well as under the tab “About AMI” allows visitors to search for illustrators by name, geographical location or specialty and provides a matrix of additional useful information about each AMI member.

One of the most content rich areas of is found under the “Medical Illustration” tab, which provides in-depth information about the education of a medical illustrator, post-graduate board certification, jobs, career paths, and insightful information that describes the field of medical illustration.

The Redesign

The successful redesign of the site, which includes a complete content overhaul and improved navigation system, is a direct result of the collaboration between the members of the AMI Website Committee, the AMI Communications Editorial Council and Stone Interactive Group, a web-marketing agency in Ann Arbor, MI.

Social and Professional Networking Opportunities for Members
In addition to a redesigned, the Association of Medical Illustrators also unveiled a new online community today, which will be available to registered members. The new online community provides a platform for AMI members to communicate and collaborate by utilizing integrated tools such as a wiki, blogs, forums, chat, and interactive galleries. Each member is offered personal space in the community – a “my page” – to store and share assets and ideas.

About AMI

The Association of Medical Illustrators is an international organization of professional and student biomedical communicators founded in 1945. The mission of the AMI is to promote the competency and professionalism of members; to advance the profession of medical illustration; to serve society by supporting education, research and commerce in the biomedical sciences and health-related fields; and to support the rights of all creators of intellectual property to own, control, and preserve their rights to those creations. For more information, please visit

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