Yelp Is Great, Except When It Isn't.

These days Yelp is used to review most all businesses.  And that's useful.


We're having a bit of uneasiness, though, with Yelp and its automated filtering engine.

Stone has been reviewed 7 times on Yelp.  If you give us 4 or more stars, your review will be filtered out in a few days time.

If you give us a terrible review - as one interesting client has done - then the filtering engine looks the other way.

Oh, you can read all the reviews.  There's a "filtered" review link that is neither descriptive nor noticeable.

So, how do you work within the system they put in place?  How does a company get to show off the good and the bad?

Yelp has no one to assist you in such situations; only a cryptic explanation of why the filtering engine exists.

I wonder how Yelp's filtering engine would respond to such a review of Yelp.